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Paparazzi Accessories Work from Home

Why Team Five Dollar Fever?

Education and Work: Jen and Matt both have a passion for helping others obtain their personal and business potential.  Matt holds a Masters Degree in Education and Jen hold's a Master's in Public Administration. Their educations bring business acuity and best models in training and teaching business practices.  They both have years of work experience in public, business, and non-profit sectors.  This wide variety of work experience has given them the tools to help others build their businesses from the ground in a systematic way that will help our consultants reach their highest business potential.


Technology: We have extensive knowledge of the use and application of technology within the business setting.  We use technology to make our personal and business lives easier whether it is email to laptops or inventory management systems to marketing design programs, we have got you covered.  We will share our knowledge and experiences with technology and make recommendations for technology devices and applications that will help to build your business.  We will help you to assess your strengths and weaknesses with technology and create an individual plan of growth for us to implement together.


Business Building: We will also help you evaluate your business knowledge and come up with an individualized plan to help you grow your business to its potential.  We are available to our team 24/7 via text. cell, and email to help them solve problems. answer questions, and give advice.  We are continuously building team specific resources, such as the Consultant Resources page that is part of our website.  You also will have access to consultant resources and Facebook pages of our uplines that supplement our resource page.


Success: Your success is our success and we are here to help mentor our team to reach their personal and business potential in an individualized way.  We truly believe in the ability and power that Paparazzi has to change and better people's lives and we want to share that with you.  Please join Team Five Dollar Fever for this personal and team journey as we all strive to reach our goals and celebrate our successes together!

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