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Our Story

Paparazzi Accessories Work from Home
You never know when live will throw you a curve ball.  Our family experienced that in 2010 when Matt (the husband and father), had a reoccurrence of a neurological disorder that required him to stop working.  He has been bed ridden on and off and physically struggling since that time.  We found out about Paparazzi in September of 2014 and have taken it on as a family business.  We are not your typical Paparazzi consultants.  Our two boys help out wherever they can, while Matt does the technical things (Facebook, website, online store), even on his bad days.  It has helped him to feel like he is making a contribution to the family.  We are very thankful that we found Paparazzi.  It has helped Matt by distracting him from his illnesses.  It has helped our boys learn responsibility and business principles, and it has helped us financially to cover our medical expenses.  Paparazzi can be useful, helpful, and fun for everyone and every family, no matter your circumstance.

 - Jennifer and Matt Hoisington & Boys

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